Healthy Smoothies

Healthy Smoothies

Smoothies have been gaining popularity (for both fitness buffs or not) for many years now. Being a healthier, more nutritious snack choice, it’s easy to understand why lots of people choose to have smoothies for snack.

Due to the nutrients you could possibly gain from drinking smoothies, some people actually have smoothies after working out in order to replenish the energy they have lost.

Aside from being a healthier and convenient choice for busy people, smoothies quickly gained popularity because of the easy way you can make them at home.

There are a whole lot of choices when it comes to smoothies. While the most common ingredient for a usual smoothie is fruit, there are smoothies made from leafy green veggies. Since a smoothie made from green vegetables does not exactly taste good, some add fruits, fruit juices, yogurt, and even milk. Other common ingredients include nuts and beans.

However, while we may be resorting to this yummy treat as a substitute for a meal, many nutritionists warn that some smoothies have loads of sugar and could actually have a bad effect on our health.

Dieticians advise that fruit juices may contain high levels of sugar which can make you fatter instead of fitter. As a matter of fact, a single serving of 150ml smoothie could contain sugar that’s the same as the sugar content of a small cola. Experts recommend a smoothie which has the perfect ratio of all the nutritious elements to achieve the goal of a ‘healthy smoothie’.

So, what are the components of a real ‘healthy smoothie’?

According to experts, a perfectly healthy smoothie should be made up of 50 per cent base, 25 per cent veggies, and 25 per cent fruits.

A healthy base for a smoothie could be almond milk, coconut milk, coconut water, spring water, raw milk, or freshly squeezed juice. When it comes to fruits and vegetables, make sure to keep the pulp since it is a good source of fibre.

No matter how healthy your smoothie is, remember that nothing beats a full, balanced meal. It is ideal to have a maximum of just one serving of smoothie a day.

Bear in mind that there can be no replacement for actual healthy meals; not even healthy smoothies. A single glass of a healthy smoothie could help your body receive the nutrients only vegetables and fruits can give. Additionally, don’t forget to eat much needed meat – they can give you the protein your body needs.

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